Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blogvent Calendar: Top songs of 2008: 18

18. Jenny Lewis - Jack Killed Mom
Given my squeefulness at finally meeting her last year, you'd expect Jenny Lewis to at least be in the top ten, right? Well, Acid Tongue was part of a smattering of disappointing second albums released this year (see also: The Subways, Los Campesinos) and this was the best of a pretty poor bunch.

I've linked to a live version as it's far better than on record, it has much more life to it and is generally more stirring than the one committed to disc. Trivia: this is the second song on the list inspired by a biblical tale.


Matt said...

Should I read disappointed as "not what I wanted"? Because wab,wad was anything but disappointing. Hell, even the NME gave it a 9. AoN was perhaps disappointing to some, but i was never expecting much from them so if anything i was pleased there were a few crackers on there.


Dunc said...