Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London Stations

I've never been to London Marylebone station.

Granted, there are a fair number of railway stations in the UK that I've also never been to. Thurso, for one. But considering how much time I spend in London, particularly on the railways/underground, for there to be a mainline terminus that I've not visited seems silly. I think then that I shall have to go on Monday on my day off, to photograph and blog about it. In fact if I manage to get it working, I may even blog it from the station.

Stations I've visted:
  • Blackfriars - several trains home from here at the weekend due to engineering works.
  • Cannon Street - as above, including one occasion last March which involved a dramatic dive onto the train just as the doors closed.
  • Charing Cross - tiny, soulless, and depressing. Another termini for weekend services from the Kent coast.
  • Euston - Spent an hour and a half here with a tired and emotional Rosie.
  • Fenchurch Street - Visited (albeit briefly) on the all stations challenge last November. If I decide to make this a regular feature, then Fenchurch Street will be the next visit.
  • King's Cross - Spent an enjoyable few hours getting drunk here before Laura's party.
  • Liverpool Street - Left here to go to Hertford in October. Also passed through a few times.
  • London Bridge - Changed here for the Underground in the aforementioned Hertford trip.
  • Moorgate - Only been through on the Underground, so will visit again. These visits will also work well as research for the London Termini pub crawl.
  • Paddington - Station for adventures in the West, meeting Amie, and the fantastic Mad Bishop and Bear pub.
  • St. Pancras - Wandered round shortly after opening. Wasn't impressed.
  • Victoria - home station. I come in and out of here every trip.
  • Waterloo - The station I'll go to to get to Kingston on Monday.

I have a funny feeling that lists may be a predominant part of this blog.


sven945 said...

Surely by your logic of having nominally visited Moorgate, you've visited Marylebone too?

Marylebone's quite nice. It reminds me of a small Paddington I think. I've only been once, which was when I went off up to Amersham to finish the 274.

Jimbo said...

Ah, but at Moorgate the NR and Underground platforms are side by side, whereas at Marylebone they're completely separate.

sven945 said...

Ah, fair enough. You've out-logiced me there!

(By the way, you've got a forwardslash too many at the end of the link to Amie's blog on the main page)

Rosie Fiona said...

you can just say it. i was drunk.


everyone loves lists :)

Amie said...

I can't decide whether the best bit about Paddington is Dunkin Donuts or the pub.

I think the pub may just edge it due to my victory in the Double Red Aftershock Challenge.

But then again, Dunkin Donuts are amazing...

sven945 said...

Dunkin' Donuts at Paddington?! I need to go exploring there again soon.

Amie, did you see the Mad Bishop and Bear? Or just the one downstairs that we went to before BRS?

Amie said...

Unfortunately Dunkin Donuts went a while ago. There used to be a little stand there. I have several fond memories of a couple of trips while I was little with my grandparents and they bought me a bag just before we went home. Memories are lasting though, so it'll always get bonus points for that.

The Krispy Kreme they have now is also amazing, but doesn't have the related memories.

I'm mixing up the 2 pubs aren't I? I'd forgotten that there was one upstairs too. Pubs at a train station are fine by me though.

sven945 said...

I much prefer the one upstairs. Partly because they do Golden Pride, and partly because I can be a secret people watcher. The one downstairs seems like it's going to fall down at any moment. But that might have been because the only time I went in was when I was drunk...