Friday, March 14, 2008


So, my bike got serviced yesterday.

It came in £30 under budget, which was good. I'd budgeted for £200 to go on it, and it cost £170, so had a nice Nando's meal out of the change. (Incidentally Ealing Common is the closest tube station to a Nando's restaurant, in that they are next door to one another.) On the plus side, having had my front brakes repaired I can now stop fairly promptly. This was fun riding home in the rain yesterday, on wet roads with a feather sensitive front brake.

As lists seem to be a running theme for this blog (who can guess which song title I'll use for my end of YEAR roundup of my LISTS? Anyone?) have a list of the bikes I've had so far.

1a. Suzuki GS250T - X reg
My first bike, a birthday present from my parents in August 2003. Passed my test September 24th that year, blew the bike up around 8am one Sunday the following December due to a lack of oil.
1b. Suzuki GS250T - W reg
My second bike, exact same make, model and colour as the first, one year older but with less miles. Purchased around 9 hours after I destroyed the first one. Lasted me a good few months, and even took me to Chichester and back in one day (around 250 miles). Sold to a gentleman who lived outside Cheltenham after it appeared in the Sussex edition of Friday-Ad in May 05. Rode it up there, got the train back (which was exciting).
2. Honda CB500 - L reg
Bought January 2005. Cost me £400 from a guy who worked near me, sold on 18 months later for £375 - not a bad rate of depreciation. Took me to gigs in Colchester and Oxford without trouble - in fact, the only reason I got rid of it was because I was handed down my Mum's bike which was bigger. Not as mean looking though.
3. Yamaha YX600 - C reg
As mentioned above, Mum's bike so didn't cost me a damn thing. Japanese import so it's a bugger to get parts for though. Tends to wobble at 105mph so I keep it below the ton. I love it to bits though, and like Katy I can't see me getting rid of it or getting a younger model for ages. Unlike Katy parts tend to fall off it a little too often, hence why I've named it Serenity.

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