Monday, May 04, 2009

Buffy people on Twitter

I just realised that I'm now following more Buffy related people on Twitter than actual real life people I know.

Whedonverse people
@adambusch - Adam Busch (Warren in Buffy)
@alydenisof - Alyson Hannigan (Willow, in Buffy and Angel)
@amber_benson - Amber Benson (Tara in Buffy, also co-writer of spin off comic books)
@AnthonySHead - Anthony Stewart Head (Giles in Buffy)
@BrianLynch - Brian Lynch (Angel comic book writer)
@CapricaSeven - Jane Espenson (Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse writer)
@Chris_Gorham - Christopher Gorham (James in the Buffy episode "I Only Have Eyes For You")
@ClareBerry - Clare Kramer (Glory/Oh most naughty sweaty feelings causing one on Buffy)
@Dichenlachman - Dichen Lachman (Sierra on Dollhouse)
@drhorrible - Dr Horrible official tweet (mostly Jed/Maurissa Whedon)
@ElizaPatricia - Eliza Dushku (Buffy/Faith on Buffy, Faith on Angel, Echo/Caroline on Dollhouse)
@EmmaCaulfield - Emma Caulfield (Anya Christina Emmanuella Made-up-maiden-name Jenkins in Buffy)
@feliciaday - Felicia Day (Vi in Buffy, Penny in Dr Horrible, and as yet untitled character in Dollhouse)
@jamesleary73 - James C. Leary (Clem in Buffy)
@JewelStaite - Jewel Staite (Kaylee on Firefly)
@juliebenz - Julie Benz (Darla on Buffy and Angel)
@julietlandau - Juliet Landau (Drusilla in Buffy and Angel)
@kdaubert1 - K.D. Aubert (Nikki Wood in Buffy season 7)
@Mark_Sheppard - Mark Sheppard (Badger on Firefly, Tanaka on Dollhouse)
@MeredthSalenger - Meredith Salenger (Grace Newman in Buffy - I Only Have Eyes For You)
@MoTancharoen - Maurissa Tancharoen (Groupie #1 in Dr Horrible, writer on Dollhouse and Mrs Jed Whedon)
@miraclelaurie - Miracle Laurie (Mellie in Dollhouse)
@NathanFillion - Nathan Fillion (Caleb in Buffy, Mal in Firefly/Serenity, Captain Hammer in Dr Horrible)
@SarahPaulson - Sarah Paulson (Researcher on Miranda in Serenity)
@Tomlenk - Tom Lenk (Andrew in Buffy)
@Whedonesque - Whedonesque (an unofficial blog, listing news items related to practically anyone who has been in or worked on Buffy (film and TV series), Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr Horrible, Dollhouse, spin-off comics, get the idea)


electricspacegirl said...

Just to let you know, you're Tom Lenk link isn't working.

Gaby said...

Don't forget MoTancharoen, Groupie #2 (Or Groupie #1?) in Dr. Horrible.

And Tom Lenk was in Angel, too ;)

And I think Joss has only tweeted, like, once through Dr. Horrible. Seems to be mostly J-Mo though Mo has her own like I said above :P

Jimbo said...

Both of them sorted, thank you :)

electricspacegirl said...

Yeah, @drhorrible is J-Mo, though it's still debatable who actually uses it the most.

Wish Joss would start one. I think I'll go on facebook to beg Tim Minear to start one too. :)

Gaby said...

Heh, remembered after I commented that Stacey said she was Groupie #2 in C!tM and Steve says he's Groupie #3, so yeah, obviously Mo's #1. *slaps head*

Jimbo said...

I cheated and checked the liner notes for "Commentary!" :)

Pamela Jaye said...

love the list. are these verified? If so, where.
I believe I was just doing a twittersearch on Aly and came up with Eliza and someone named "josh"whedon - sounds joss-ish but apparently anyone can, with enough practice.

Tried searching Whedonesque, but "twitter" is not enough of a keyword. too many hits.

Jimbo said...

They're mostly verified by Felicia Day, who will randomly tweet something like "my friend @xxxx has now joined, go add him/her!" which is normally enough. Given that Joss's first tweet was on the Dr Horrible account at Paleyfest and the "Josh Whedon" one was posting before then, we're sure it's a fake.

electricspacegirl said...
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electricspacegirl said...

Given that Joss's first tweet was on the Dr Horrible account at Paleyfest and the "Josh Whedon" one was posting before then, we're sure it's a fake.
There's also the part about his name being spelled wrong. People always ignore that factor.

Pamela Jaye said...

No, I *did* notice the misspelling :-), but figured it *could* be attributed to a very weird sense of humor ("everyone mispronounces my name this way", perhaps)

I wasn't really clear as to who was wtiting the DrHorrible one (because I just saw it listed... somwehere else - oh! the official site) and not having read the tweets themselves, figured it *could* have been Joss, Jed, Zach, MT, or all of the above.

My pretty much complete experience with the joss-verse (that ought to cover it) on twitter started a couple of nights ago when my brother pointed me to AlyDenisof. In the past I'd seen Amber and heard Felicia was floating around, but not paid much attention. (I may have put a follow on Amber but I think I only peeked at Felicia.)

A couple/few houts ago I did a twitter search on Aly, and ended up reading a lot of @'s directed @ her. which is when I sae ElizaPatricia and "josh"

Jimbo, thanks for the source.

Oh, I also heard of the false Aly a while back when I went to Whedonesque to read about Andy's death, and ran smack into the announcement of Aly and Alexis' daughter.

Previously I've mostly been using twitter to Save Chuck, keep up with the brother, Alan Sepinwall, paleyfest - but I really couldn't keep up, or people who told me they were twittering (got a note from and somehow I heard about Shonda Rhimes.

Before that I was just fooling around posting tweets "from" my duck Snuggles, who does, in real life, twitter. In fact, she's doing it right now. must be done drinking.

and I should have read the previous comments, as to who DrHorrible is, as well. I' m going to finish doing that now.

I also need to get my act together and watch the last 6 or 7 eps of Dollhouse.

Pamela Jaye said...

or, okay, I could have just read the list to see who Dr H was.

TV-Ugly said...

CharismaCH was a fake. lrober18 - not the actor, just someone with the same name.

TV-Ugly said...

Oh, and a couple more for you...

@MeredthSalenger - Meredith Salenger - Grace Newman (I Only Have Eyes for You)
@AnthonySHead - Anthony Stewart Head
@SarahPaulson - Sarah Paulson - Dr. Caron (researcher in wave on Miranda) Serenity

Jimbo said...

Thanks for those three, have updated and amended - it's been a fair while since I've updated this post, thought I had Giles on there already!

Koddy said...

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