Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I want from Dollhouse

Dollhouse is the new show from Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and all other things awesome. Dollhouse has taken a few weeks to click with me but now it has there's all manner of squeeing over it - not just from me but Katy and Sarah too. Despite my hopes and prayers the game changing episode six didn't reveal that the Dollhouse was all a crazy dream in River Tam's head (and thus sneaking Firefly back on the air) so I thought I'd jot down a few light-hearted scenarios that I'd like to see from the remaining six episodes; probably not gonna happen (although if they do, I'll point out that I called them way back here) but fun anyway. If you're a Whedon geek.

(Probable spoilers if you've not seen up to 1x07 'Echoes' or you're majorly spoiler-phobic)

  • Adelle's bosses (higher up, even, than the Rossum Corporation) turn out to be Wolfram and Hart.

  • That, or Bad Horse and the ELoE.

  • Felicia Day's appearance is as Foxtrot, whose role as an active ("Penny") is just to tip Billy over the edge, much like the First did with Angel in Amends

  • One of Echo's future assignments is either: a cheerleader winning a cheer competition; a morgue attendant with an extreme case of deja vu; a detective who eventually convicts Nate Ford from Leverage.

  • Alpha to wear Hawaiian shirts. And have toy dinosaurs.

  • Victor and Sierra to get together without one of them dying.

  • Mellie/November to be seen enjoying strawberries.

  • Michael Muhney to play Ballard's brother.

  • Tony Head to appear as Adelle's husband.

  • Alpha and Echo turn out to be brother and sister.

As an aside, given that Rick Castle's daughter is a redhead, who else wants her mum to be played by Christina Hendricks?

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