Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008: A Short History Of Nearly Nothing

Things that I've done this year:

Celebrated the new year in a bath.
Seen a cracking Duke Spirit gig.
Dressed up, then had a picnic on the Circle line.
Saw two Blood Red Shoes gigs in two different capital cities in the space of 24 hours.
Been a train before being told not to take the piss by cheekily requesting that Steven get me a cuppa at the Sister Ray instore.
Proved that those pills from the spam emails really *do* work.
Created a blog (look, do you really need a link?)
Finally completed the visit to all 274 Tube stations, shortly before seeing be your own PET again.
Blagged expensive tickets to see The Eagles.
Celebrated mine and Katy's one year anniversary by being ill.
Encouraged a stage invasion before cramming a blog post full of Pink Floyd song titles.
Freaked out the lead singer of one of my new favourite bands by dreaming about her.
Disgusted an entire train carriage of people with one offhand comment (I'm still rather proud of this).
Inadvertently met half of Mystery Jets and Laura Marling.
Built on my experience of tube challenging by getting a worse time for this year's Zone 1 than last year, but making up for it by winning best team name.
Blew up one motorbike...
...then bought a new one.
Heard the new Subways album before anybody else, and gave it what proved to be one of the more positive reviews. (It's still better than WAB, WAD.)
Being introduced to the best new musical of our time.
Tried a new Kentish festival (or should that be Festival of Kent?) and geeked out with Ellen Campesinos!.
Convinced myself that all I had to do to beat this illness was to stop being sick and start being awesome instead. It didn't work. I celebrated the anniversary of my birth by being ill.
Had the most utterly fucking terrifying dream I've ever had when I dreamed I'd imagined the entire last four years.
Gaining £330 due to a bet365 cock-up.
Saw the last ever be your own PET gig.
Nearly died, but ironically survived due to speeding.
Saw Metallica for a fiver!
Took a six week leave of absence (fully paid) from work for being a naughty boy.
Took a trip to Stoke to see new people and old friends.
Had a deep and spiritual (read: drunken) moment on Bognor Regis beach.
Posted my most read blog post ever about Joss Whedon and High School Musical. I may do a JW/Twilight one when I'm better.
Went down to Brighton, didn't sleep all night, came home, slept like a baby.
Seen Los Campesinos again, and bumping into workmates on the coach home.
Receiving a phone call from my boss on the train going up to my 20th Blood Red Shoes gig giving me my job back, and proceeding to celebrate by getting wasted.
Being introduced to the second best new musical of our time.
Hearing a fantastic new song.
Coming down with tonsillitis again to round the year off with.

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abatha said...

oh im so proud of my stoke mention *wipes away tear*