Saturday, August 09, 2008

Karma puh-lease

(And the puntastic titles continue)

Earlier today I got one of those strong, gut feelings that I get. For a change this wasn't urging me to kidnap Maggie Gyllenhaal and so I listened to it. I had a feeling that the Gillingham - Bournemouth game would end in a 1-1 draw and so I went into my online betting account to see if I had any money left over from the Euro 2008 betting, fully expecting to see a balance of £0.01 staring back at me.

When I found I had £330.01 in there, I was rather shocked. Assuming it was a computing error I checked the bet history to find that there was a bet of £180 placed on the cricket, on England to win at odds of 5/6, on Sunday July 20th. I was fairly certain that I didn't place this bet as a) I don't have £180 to waste (I only gamble what I can afford to lose), b) I know very little about cricket, c) what I do know about cricket is to be against England and d) Sundays are usually spent doing very little. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark (and Georgia, too, but I can't sort that). I fired off an email to customer services, changed my passwords and updated all my information.

About 10 minutes ago I got a phone call from a very nice chap at bet365 who had investigated it for me. It turns out that the original bet was placed over the phone and the operator had gone into the wrong account (it happens, I've done it) but as an apology they allowed me to keep the winnings. So I've got the £180 back that I didn't realise I was missing, plus an extra £150 because the bet came off! I'll be buying dinner on Thursday for everybody :D

Postscript: I never did put the money on Gillingham to draw, as I wasn't sure if it was my money to begin with. Every time I start to regret it I think "yeah, but you won £150!" and it goes away.

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