Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reading lineup

As all the cool people (well, Laura, but she's cool enough anyway) are doing this, I'd leap aboard the bandwagon like a majestic pike.

Blood Red Shoes
Be Your Own Pet
The Duke Spirit (all in a row, on the one stage)
Florence and the Machine (possibly, after The Duke Spirit, although there's some overlap)
MGMT (if I feel like it)
Rage Against The Machine (well, I'll give them a go. There's sod all else on against them - Babyshittles?)

The Subways (if I'm bored and want to holler "You Got Me" at Billy)
Mystery Jets (possibly)
Los Campesinos!
Justice (possibly)
Bullet For My Valentine (maybe)
Manic Street Preachers (I want to see them live at least once)

So, Saturday'll be the day I check out the record fair at the leisure centre then.

Nothing until half 3. Go into Reading, buy train ticket home.
Johnny Foreigner
Feeder (maybe)
Slipknot (if I feel like it)
Tenacious D (on what narcotics I'm influenced by)
Metallica (definitely. I'd leave for home after JoFo if it wasn't for them.)

I think Sunday will be spent sitting gazing at the main stage finishing off any remaining alcohol.


lorzy said...

we'll wander about together on saturday. don't think ryan has many people to see either. we'll get drunk. im bringing pear kopparberg. woop woop ;) xx

Jimbo said...

It's only you and possibly Maggie Gyllenhaal that can get away with saying that :D

funkymp said...

see yeasayer and the music sunday! also, holy fuck > jofo.

collapsing cities are worth seeing first thing on saturday, so are blackhole on friday.

Dunc said...

Sunday is the best day.. Holy Fuck and Yeasayer are two of the best bands at the whole festival and the Dance Arena is stacked

Rosie Fiona said...

omg, go see Justice.

Dunc said...

yea, go see justice.