Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feverish Dreams

Last night I came down with something. Normally I'll wake up ill, but this just pounced on me and suddenly I'm sweating, shivering, struggling to sleep, having trouble staying awake and generally not feeling good.

Mind you, you can always count on some quite frankly amazingly weird dreams when you're feverish. Just this afternoon I had a somewhat odd one (not involving any members of Los Campesinos! for a change) which had Paramore's Hayley Williams batting for the Boston Red Sox. Odd in itself, but running across the middle of the Sox' ground 20 feet above second base (and it wasn't Fenway Park either) happened to be the Beckton branch of the Docklands Light Railway.

1 comment:

Claidi said...

*puts dream analyst hat on*

From this I can deduce you know far too much about the Tube system, and that your taste in music is epic.

Bonus points for Hayley Williams though. She lully.