Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grammar lesson

So, I'm standing outside Morrisons waiting for my family before dinner. As I'm a biker I've parked on the main concourse near the entrance, showing off my newly polished pride and joy.

Enter a low paid trolley boy.

"You can't park that there!"

"Yes I can."

This flummoxed him somewhat. "No you can't!"

"The evidence in front of you would suggest that you're wrong - I can park here, as there's no barrier prohibiting me from doing so. I think what you meant was 'you shouldn't park there'".


"Well then I'd suggest two things. I suggest that in the future you use the correct grammar, and that you feed back to your superiors the lack of a motorcycle parking area. Now go."

1 comment:

Sophie said...

Did you know Morrisons make you do an intelligence test as part of your interview? Makes you wonder how he passed it...