Friday, May 09, 2008

Why I rather like my job

Last Thursday we had an advisor forum, which was basically one advisor from each team met with T (the centre manager who looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal but with lighter hair - actually, I could end this blog post here and it would justify the title) to raise any issues they have. I was nominated by my team as I'm not one to shy away from complaining about issues. I raised the point that D seems to be the go-to guy for all advisors whenever they have an easily solvable query, or any escalations which should really go to their own manager in the first instance. She told me to get our team to start challenging other advisors, asking them why they're coming to Dejorn and not their own manager.

So we've been doing it all week, and it's working well. However. There's one fat bint who kept coming over. On Wednesday I saw her walk past another manager, exchange brief conversation and then come to D. I stood between her and my manager and called her on it, asked her what the other managers said when she asked them first. She replied that she hadn't seen any others, and I told her that I'd seen her talking to Amanda on her way over. I pointed out that she was cutting into our investment time with her manager and that she should leave him alone. She mumbled something and went. I learned today that she then raised a complaint to Manpower (the agency that the new employees work for - stupidly, as I'm with the company and have been for nearly a year) about my rudeness which was then passed to T, who fully defended my actions - she knows I'm not a rude person, and I'm looking out for my team as that fat bitch has been cutting in to our investment time.

Also in this complaint the young girl in question added "I wasn't polite to him myself, I admit I told him to fuck off" which I didn't hear, but T is now looking to get rid of her as she "doesn't want people like that in her call centre". Double win! I was pleased that I had the full backing of my team and centre managers, but slightly disappointed that they're punishing her - it's been ages since I waged a low-level war of annoyance against someone and I was really, really looking forward to it!

EDIT: Removed a potentially job-losing word after one of the people mentioned above came across this blog

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