Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peace in our train

I've inadvertantly managed to get myself peace and quiet on a train journey, and disgust an entire carriage of people.

Sat here quietly listening to Pink Floyd (my route into London takes me round the base of Battersea Power Station) I was rudely interrupted at Gillingham when a fairly well to do mother with her two little "princesses" got on and sat on the table behind me. Now, the one thing that little girls do that I can't stand (apart from playing the recorder-if they'd started doing that this blog would involve piano wire) is squeal. And boy, did this pair squeal. Getting pissed off with this I muttered to myself "for the love of Joss, if they don't shut up I'll unleash the paedophiles".

Now, I don't know about your good self, but when I'm listening to my music, I tend to speak (and sing) louder than normal. Unfortunately they chose that moment to pause to draw breath.

"What?!? How dare you say that? Come on Eileen and Dexy, we're not sitting anywhere near this...filth!"

Temporarily bemused as to why the braying sheep had suddenly turned into a Kentish harridan, I didn't realise that I was talking out loud until I turned off my music to silence from everyone else. Never one to miss a trick I said "well, at least we'll get some peace, eh?" before burying my face in my paper.

Writeup of BRS, lesbians, tube challenges and emo marches to come on Saturday night after Doctor Who, I'm writing this on my pda and my thumbs hurt.


funkymp said...

haha, thats awesome. you broke the train code of silence - which is a rare thing

lorzy said...