Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blood Red Shoes - May 28th, London Forum

Way back when this gig was announced, Dana from my forum announced she'd be there too. Given that I don't want my board split into two factions (ex-Subways boardies and non-ex-Subways boardies) I thought I'd go and meet her; that she's not unattractive and is easy to talk to is merely a bonus. Katy came with me, and as Jack is a huge Maximo Park fan he bought a ticket and came too. It was shortly after 3 on a damp day that we arrived to see Jack was already quite friendly with the assorted hardcore fans already queuing, including a very ill Dana.

It was then that we realised a small flaw in my social plan - we were there only to see Dana, but she was there to see everyone, including the Maximo geeks. As such we were left kicking our heels for a bit (or would have been if we weren't sitting down) so switched to the old standby in such situations - drink! As me and Jack were getting drunker we got louder and bounced comments off each other, making others laugh and including them in the conversation. This included Charleh, who apparently we met at the LC! gig in Portsmouth, and her friend whose name I won't even attempt to type because it'll be wrong.

She was fitting in well, not least because she appeared to be Jack's female clone, despite being interested in the soft and squishy gender. Much like Jack is, thinking about it. I managed to marry Jack to both Dana and Charleh (internet ordaining is a wonderful thing) and I don't remember an awful lot else. I should really have done this writeup on Thursday lunchtime. I do recall drunkenly asking a tall guy in a grey suit where to go for a quick slash - this turned out to be the lead singer from Mystery Jets, who were also supporting - and two doors down I bumped into a cute girl with short blonde hair who I recognised (thankfully not the psychotic tory) but wasn't sure where from.

Inside the gig we got down the front, owing to being first in the queue, and witnessed an utterly bland set from Pete and the Pirates. There were too many Petes and not enough Pirates, so I amused myself by shouting out "yarrrrr!" and "shiver me timbers!" much too often. BRS were up next, and ran through a similar set to the previous tour (different banter though). Due to time running short they missed the penultimate song which I'm grateful for - the gig was a charity gig and the song they dropped was Say Something Say Anything. I don't think that I could've kept my composure.

After their set was finished I was ready to go home but Katy wanted to see Mystery Jets, so we stayed. Jack and Charleh bonded even further, becoming one, and as the band came on I realised that the lead singer had directed me for my urination earlier. Their set was enjoyable, and when they brought out a guest for what turned out to be the last song of their set I realised that the short blonde was Laura Marling, which was a turnup for the books.

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