Friday, May 02, 2008

Band t-shirts

Today I had my bi-annual wardrobe clear out, rotating the drab black band t-shirts for my brighter purple/red/yellow ones in time for the nicer weather, and as usual I've got a few that I don't wear any more, haven't worn for a year and can't bear the shame of wearing them at Reading. Rather than go through the hassle of putting them on eBay I thought I'd give you lot the chance to lay a claim. I'm not asking for any money for them (a drink would be nice but not mandatory) and I'll pay for postage myself. They're clean and in fairly good nick, some worn more than others. I'm quite hoping that not all of the Subways ones go as I like the idea of showing courtesy and respect by cleaning my bike with one or two.

Young for Eternity tour, Autumn 2005. It's a large mens size, and the print shows obvious signs of wear. On the back it lists the full tour dates from September to November (of which I saw 6).

First Subways tee I ever bought. Old-school logo. It claims it's a large but I think it's a girls tee because it's extremely small and tight on me. First one claimed.

Large mens size. Second logo. Print is cracked on the T, H and S.

Silloheute design for the summer 2006 gigs. Navy blue and small. Has the bands logo on the nape of the neck on reverse. Also claimed.

It's a darker green than the picture suggests. Features a faded drum picture on the front and again the logo on the nape at the back. Another small tee.

Features the Young For Eternity tree, and again the logo on the back. Yet another small tee.

Span and Pretty Girls Make Graves. Span is XL, PGMG is Medium gone.

There's also two Auf der Maur t-shirts that are going spare, but I've got a few people who are first in line for those. If they don't want them I'll list them later.

If you want one then email, PM me on any boards we're both on, Facebook me, text me, send a carrier pigeon, phone 0800 800 150, choose option 2, option 2 again then option 1 and hope and pray the odds are with you, comment me here...oh, use your brain.

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