Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Album of 2008

It's April. We are but a third of the way through the year, and already my shortlist for album of the year (not, traditionally, decided until the end) has got seven albums in it. To compare, last year I only made a top five with the inclusion of a re-released Led Zeppelin live album, Garbage's Greatest Hits and Avril Lavigne.

This year the pace was set by The Duke Spirit, roaring back with Neptune, closely followed by Jo Whiley favourites Goldfrapp (which means at work I have one decent song to listen to). These two were followed by no less illustrious company in Blood Red Shoes, Los Campesinos!, Be Your Own PET!, Operator Please, and the current album to please my ears, Johnny Foreigner. I can quite easily see myself taking ages to compose a top ten at the end of the year, especially as Shirley Manson's solo album is apparently finished (but Warners are refusing to release it).

Of course, The Subways album will be treated with the respect and courtesy it's earnt (i.e. I'll treat it the same as the rest and download it first to see if it's worth spending money on, especially after getting moaned at for not toe-ing the line and agreeing that the Subways were the best live show since the crucifixion) , and No Virginia by the Dresden Dolls may be a late outsider...plus rumours abound of new albums from Rammstein, Aerosmith, AC/DC and Jenny Lewis...I'm really, really excited!


funkymp said...

Operator Please and The Duke Spirit on the same list = arghh james ARGHHHH. I seem to have got bored of BYOP's newie pretty quickly, it doesnt have much staying power in my opinion and theres way too much filler on it - it got old fast.

Looking forward to The Subways album - it will either be amazing or will be confined to the 'coaster' pile along with the newie by Supergrass. If turnaround sucks as much on record as live - it'll definately be my new coaster.

Anyways, my top 4 so far

why? - alopecia
los campesinos! - hold on now youngster
black mountain - in the future
mystery jets - twenty one

This year's definately looking good for new albums

funkymp said...

why cant you edit? forgot number 5 - cloud cult - feel good ghosts. which everyone should at least download - cos its ace